Nothing like a hot summer day in Florida fishing for one of the top predators in the ocean, the shark. Many fishermen don’t even try to attempt fishing for shark because of either location, the money, your personal rod and reel setup, or because of the boring sit and wait technique. If you are in an area where these prehistoric creatures are relevant, I would recommend going. Many shark fishing techniques consist of gathering fresh bait, finding a relativity calm spot on a beach and hoping for a catch of a life time. Rod and reel set ups should range from 10-12 feet if you are considering to surf cast off of the shore. Piers make it easier to launch out a heavy duty but shorter rod depending on how far out the pier is. The summers in Tampa are great places to fish for bull shark, black tips, sand sharks, and hammer or bonnet heads. With the warm water you can find these predators close to shore increasing your chance to reel in a fish twice your size. My recommendations for the Tampa area are Apollo beach as well as the piers on Anna Maria Island. Apollo beach is a very good spot to target these species because of the power plant lIMG_1925Sharklocated directly next to it. The power plant generates warm water where large tarpon, snook, sharks, and even manatees love to hang around. But if you are willing to drive, about an hour away from Tampa is Anna Maria Island where there are piers that stretch out hundreds of feet which is great to target much bigger sharks. Mullet, sting ray, lady fish and pinfish are my recommendation for bait when targeting larger predators. A key tip is to always make sure to keep the bait fresh. With that said, good luck getting the hook out of the shark’s mouth.


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