The Thrill of the Bend

What makes you love the sport of fishing? For me its the bend of the rod. Hours and hours of casts and no catch makes all fisherman want to take a week or more off from the sport they love. There are hot and cold spells which makes this sport a very unique one. The thing I love most about fishing is the thrill of the rod bending. Once the rod bends forwards almost tossing you into the water, may be the best most indescribable feel. A few years back in Kittery Maine, my dad and I were fishing for stripped bass through the canals. We got our bait which was live mackerel, hooked tIMG_2957he circle hook through their eye socket, then let them swim hoping for a monster fish. Right before you hook on to a fish, you feel the mackerel on your line shaking scared to death about the stripped bass circling around it waiting to attack. Hours have passed and daylight was running on low. At last I fee
l the mackerel shaking. Bang! The line runs making a screaming noise through the air. Pop! The bend of the line flew back up straight and the fish that pulled me to the edge of the boat was gone. I reeled up my line and checked my hook. The metal circle hook was bent back to its side. I and the captain on the boat has never seen anything like it. Even though I could not see the fish, the captain believed this behemoth to be upwards to sixty pounds! Even though I did not catch a fish that day, I got to feel the mot exciting feeling in the world, the thrill of the bend.


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