Northeast Fishing

From freshwater to saltwater fishing, the Northeast is a great way where you can spend some time targeting a potential monster. Back home the fishing is much more time consuming when you don’t have the resourcIMG_0547es such as a boat or kayak. Most of the fish I have caught are on boat fresh and salt water. My favorite fish to target in the Northeast is the Striped Bass. I have seen striped bass reach over fifty five inches in length. The part that is difficult about catching these fish is that you need to know where they life to hang out at wherever location you are at. Some love deep waters, while most of the time you can find twenty pound bass right beneath a dock. My favorite way to fish this specific fish is using live eel off beaches. Live eel is an extreme popular and some say the best way to catch one of these northeast beasts. The best way to use this technique is after the eel is hooked under its jaw threw its snout, you must put on a 2-3 Oz. weight to slow down the bait from swimming inland or side to side to far. If you are on an open beach I recommend wading out waist deep to cast the eel off. The further out the bait is the better. After the cast is complete and the bait is at the ideal spot, I grab a rod holder and bury it in the sand. After that its just a waiting game. Some fisherman like to cast and reel lures which is not a bad way to fish these types of fish. In my perspective the most efficient way to catch a trophy striped bass is live bait.


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