The Love of Fishing

IMG_1043Growing up in an area where you only have a few fish to look forward to catching, I suddenly grew interest into finding out ways to prepare myself for when I travel to different areas with fishing I have not be able to encounter before. Now that I am at school in the Tampa area, I am blessed to have an opportunity to catch some of the most prized fish in the united states. What I am trying to focus on for this blog is to give insight on the what, when, and where’s when it comes to fishing along with some entertainment and tips to help fisherman set new higher goals for themselves. If a fisherman does not have any goals for themselves then they will be stuck catching the same old fish that they have done hundreds of times. I myself am a college student who try to find enough time to cast a line out between balancing school and everything else a college student goes through. I love to fish and always like learning about fishing new areas. From fly fishing Atlantic Salmon in Quebec to Striped Bass fishing in the Northeast, I love to expand my knowledge on the art of fishing. Along with fishing I grew up playing baseball, basketball, and golf. I named this title “The Love of Fishing” because I want to emphasize to my viewers that if you love something you have to go after it. The thing that’s funny about fishing is that you don’t catch-all the time. I have gone weeks without a single fish from catching sixty 15+ pound bluefish between three people within hours. Knowing what bait to use, how to use it, where to use it, are all the things I want to try to target to help all fisherman make memories they will remember forever.


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