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Easy Access

Many fisherman young and old, do not have the resources to go miles offshore with a boat to fish. In this post I will be giving information on how people can fish in easy access spots around the city of Tampa. In the northeast, I have access to a boat that helps me a lot to track down striped bass and bluefish. Since I am in school down here in florida with no car and no boat, I have to adventure out to find good fishing spots that are easy to access. First recommendation for fisherman is to look for covered spots. Weather they are bridges or docks, I definitely recommend targeting those spots a few different times to see if there is any action. To increase the chance of a catch, try to get to a spot early in the morning or before dusk at night. Along with bridges and docks come beaches of course. Beaches are all over Florida. Most of these beaches will surprise you with the surplus of bait and action you will see. Apollo beach is a great spot that I like to fish. Only because some species of fish are attracted to the warmer water that the power plant generates like I talked about in my last post. All you fisherman have to do is put your time into it! Get your casts in, and have confidence in every spot you experiment with.


Nothing like a hot summer day in Florida fishing for one of the top predators in the ocean, the shark. Many fishermen don’t even try to attempt fishing for shark because of either location, the money, your personal rod and reel setup, or because of the boring sit and wait technique. If you are in an area where these prehistoric creatures are relevant, I would recommend going. Many shark fishing techniques consist of gathering fresh bait, finding a relativity calm spot on a beach and hoping for a catch of a life time. Rod and reel set ups should range from 10-12 feet if you are considering to surf cast off of the shore. Piers make it easier to launch out a heavy duty but shorter rod depending on how far out the pier is. The summers in Tampa are great places to fish for bull shark, black tips, sand sharks, and hammer or bonnet heads. With the warm water you can find these predators close to shore increasing your chance to reel in a fish twice your size. My recommendations for the Tampa area are Apollo beach as well as the piers on Anna Maria Island. Apollo beach is a very good spot to target these species because of the power plant lIMG_1925Sharklocated directly next to it. The power plant generates warm water where large tarpon, snook, sharks, and even manatees love to hang around. But if you are willing to drive, about an hour away from Tampa is Anna Maria Island where there are piers that stretch out hundreds of feet which is great to target much bigger sharks. Mullet, sting ray, lady fish and pinfish are my recommendation for bait when targeting larger predators. A key tip is to always make sure to keep the bait fresh. With that said, good luck getting the hook out of the shark’s mouth.

The Thrill of the Bend

What makes you love the sport of fishing? For me its the bend of the rod. Hours and hours of casts and no catch makes all fisherman want to take a week or more off from the sport they love. There are hot and cold spells which makes this sport a very unique one. The thing I love most about fishing is the thrill of the rod bending. Once the rod bends forwards almost tossing you into the water, may be the best most indescribable feel. A few years back in Kittery Maine, my dad and I were fishing for stripped bass through the canals. We got our bait which was live mackerel, hooked tIMG_2957he circle hook through their eye socket, then let them swim hoping for a monster fish. Right before you hook on to a fish, you feel the mackerel on your line shaking scared to death about the stripped bass circling around it waiting to attack. Hours have passed and daylight was running on low. At last I fee
l the mackerel shaking. Bang! The line runs making a screaming noise through the air. Pop! The bend of the line flew back up straight and the fish that pulled me to the edge of the boat was gone. I reeled up my line and checked my hook. The metal circle hook was bent back to its side. I and the captain on the boat has never seen anything like it. Even though I could not see the fish, the captain believed this behemoth to be upwards to sixty pounds! Even though I did not catch a fish that day, I got to feel the mot exciting feeling in the world, the thrill of the bend.

Northeast Fishing

From freshwater to saltwater fishing, the Northeast is a great way where you can spend some time targeting a potential monster. Back home the fishing is much more time consuming when you don’t have the resourcIMG_0547es such as a boat or kayak. Most of the fish I have caught are on boat fresh and salt water. My favorite fish to target in the Northeast is the Striped Bass. I have seen striped bass reach over fifty five inches in length. The part that is difficult about catching these fish is that you need to know where they life to hang out at wherever location you are at. Some love deep waters, while most of the time you can find twenty pound bass right beneath a dock. My favorite way to fish this specific fish is using live eel off beaches. Live eel is an extreme popular and some say the best way to catch one of these northeast beasts. The best way to use this technique is after the eel is hooked under its jaw threw its snout, you must put on a 2-3 Oz. weight to slow down the bait from swimming inland or side to side to far. If you are on an open beach I recommend wading out waist deep to cast the eel off. The further out the bait is the better. After the cast is complete and the bait is at the ideal spot, I grab a rod holder and bury it in the sand. After that its just a waiting game. Some fisherman like to cast and reel lures which is not a bad way to fish these types of fish. In my perspective the most efficient way to catch a trophy striped bass is live bait.

The Love of Fishing

IMG_1043Growing up in an area where you only have a few fish to look forward to catching, I suddenly grew interest into finding out ways to prepare myself for when I travel to different areas with fishing I have not be able to encounter before. Now that I am at school in the Tampa area, I am blessed to have an opportunity to catch some of the most prized fish in the united states. What I am trying to focus on for this blog is to give insight on the what, when, and where’s when it comes to fishing along with some entertainment and tips to help fisherman set new higher goals for themselves. If a fisherman does not have any goals for themselves then they will be stuck catching the same old fish that they have done hundreds of times. I myself am a college student who try to find enough time to cast a line out between balancing school and everything else a college student goes through. I love to fish and always like learning about fishing new areas. From fly fishing Atlantic Salmon in Quebec to Striped Bass fishing in the Northeast, I love to expand my knowledge on the art of fishing. Along with fishing I grew up playing baseball, basketball, and golf. I named this title “The Love of Fishing” because I want to emphasize to my viewers that if you love something you have to go after it. The thing that’s funny about fishing is that you don’t catch-all the time. I have gone weeks without a single fish from catching sixty 15+ pound bluefish between three people within hours. Knowing what bait to use, how to use it, where to use it, are all the things I want to try to target to help all fisherman make memories they will remember forever.

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